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Martin Margiela (0) (10) Artisanal Type III Jacket Coated in White Texicreen

Martin Margiela (0) (10) Artisanal Type III Jacket Coated in White Texicreen

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A rather famous garment when it comes to Martin Margiela's body of work for men. The garment is assembled by altering found denim jackets(s). The peculiarities of each garment are sought after and considered accordingly. All of their original strengths and weaknesses are used as raw material by the atelier to create something that is recognizable yet completely distinct. The garment has then been coated with Texicreen. An industrial material that has rendered the jacket rock solid. It is intended for the jacket to be excessively worn as to break down this layer of Texicreen and reveal the intricacies found between the original denim and the coating. The jacket will always be changing as it undergoes many stages of deconstruction until the final end result reveals a soft denim jacket holding the faint history of the surface that had existed before.

In its current state, the jacket is still predominantly covered with Texicreen and remains quite hard to the touch/wear (it can stand by itself). However, the coating has started to give as many areas throughout the garment have started to show crackling and tears, all of which are warmly welcomed and add to the intended characteristics of the piece. There are blowouts featured around the elbow and cuff areas of each sleeve.

Tagged as a size S. Measurements are as follows.

Chest - 20"
Shoulders - 17"
Sleeves - 23.5"
Front Length - 22"
Waist - 18"
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