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Calvin Klein Collection S/S 2016 Digital Jacquard Denim Jacket

Calvin Klein Collection S/S 2016 Digital Jacquard Denim Jacket

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A rather unique "denim" jacket from Italo Zucchelli's last production at Calvin Klein Collection. The designer took to producing a high quality garment through non-traditional means by employing the use of jacquard to replicate the look and feel of denim cotton.The result is a garment that is soft to the touch yet looks rugged and worn on its exterior. The material shift also provides a distinctive look to the garment as the translation renders the fading and wear elements into something that is familiar yet... not.

Zucchelli also considered the silhouette of the garment. The shape is boxy and provides a little hang to the back for a more interesting look. The armholes are placed in a high position with a generous width to allow for a dramatic flair to the minimally presenting garment. The jacket is italian produced and composed in a 70% cotton 30% poly blend and lined in 100% cotton, Five silver buttons are used for the central closure with two on the cuff of each sleeve.

Tagged as a size M. Measurements are as follows.

Chest - 19"
Shoulders - 18"
Length - 21"
Sleeves - 25"
Waist - 16"

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