[Inspiration] La Riffa (1991) - Dir. Francesco Laudadio

[Inspiration] La Riffa (1991) - Dir. Francesco Laudadio

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An adaptation of the similarly titled "La Riffa" short film directed by Luchino Visconti in the four film anthology Boccaccio '70. The effortlessly glamorous Monica Bellucci takes over from Sofia Loren in this sensual and stylish depiction.

Set in Italy, Francesca (Bellucci) has been recently widowed. Her life as she knew it before was filled with life's luxurious delights. Unfortunately, she quickly discovers upon the death of her husband that this was all a façade. She is left to face insurmountable debt due to the ill-dealings of her former spouse. Faced with limited options, Francesca constructs an event to raffle herself off to the highest bidder. The events that take place deal with the concepts of love, ownership, freedom, and self-actualization. Grandiose ideas aside, the film presents an incredibly stylish lead who floats between sporty, casual, and formal looks with ease and grace.

It can be said that Visconti was not the most adept when it came to developing the story of La Riffa further. However, he did create a movie that is an exceptional visual pleasure that is worth a watch on its own merit.

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