[Inspiration] Xavier Corbero (June 13, 1935 - April 24, 2017)

[Inspiration] Xavier Corbero (June 13, 1935 - April 24, 2017)

XAVIER CORBERÓ ( JUNE 13, 1935 - APRIL 24, 2017)

Considered to be one of the most significant Catalan artists, the architect, sculptor, and enigmatic socialite Xavier Corberó is a reverent symbol of transcendent creative expression.

Born to a family of metalsmiths and silver workers, Corberó would go on to study at The Central School of Arts and Crafts in London. On a whim, he decided to pursue sculpture in an effort to seduce romantic interest. Though trivial, this would launch a significant and deep pursuit for the artist who would go on to use his language of sculpture to inform his work in architecture, design, and more.

His works, just like himself, hold an unexplainable presence. Mysterious yet not deterrent, bold yet completely aware. One can describe them as having what the spanish refer to as "Duende", used to denote something with an inscrutable soul, spirit, and or passion.

Corbero is depicted brilliantly in the two films that the online platform NOWNESS produced. Xavier Corberó: Portrait of an Artist in Winter and In Residence: Xavier Corberó are a must watch for artistic inspiration.


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