[Inspiration] Michael Eugene Archer A.K.A "D'Angelo'

[Inspiration] Michael Eugene Archer A.K.A "D'Angelo'


Well known as the Neo-Soul symbol for the 90s, the famous singer, songwriter, and producer was not actually recognized for his understated style.

Finding pictures with D'Angelo dressed in anything is a rarity in itself. However, when he did employ the use of clothing, it was done so in a way that was effortless and natural. The singer bounced between extreme casual to playful formal effortlessly. His go to silhouettes being slightly oversized garments that draped from the body while simultaneously reflecting the frame from which they hung from. Leather jackets, blazers, form fitting shirts, and loose silks were all warmly welcomed elements of style in the 90's to early 2000's, and D'Angelo utilized these all in his favor. A few of his leather based looks can draw similarity to Helmut Lang garments of the same era. Additionally, the blazers selected tend to have a touch of playfulness and sensuality that can remind one of tailoring based works by Martin Margiela. Obviously, this is all done with his own unique twist.

Depicted in the first slide is "D'Angelo - Me and Those Dreamin' Eyes of Mine" (1995), the artists' fourth single on the classic album "Brown Sugar". D'Angelo is replicated 4 times in the video and each version is simultaneously present in the same room where they perform. Hinting at his multi-instrumentality, each of the D'Angelo's plays its own respective instrument. Just like the music, a range of melodic dress is also showcased in the video. The singer's playful patterns, silhouettes, and style are on full display.

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